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Is this the only Peace Movie?

** Everywhere war, violence and revenge, nowhere Peace Movies **
** “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” (Marcel Proust) **

Summary: To boldly go where no one has gone before$: for dangerous action to prevent that any part of the world of cinema misleads people and makes them go to distant lands to die of diseases, gunfire, bombs or grenades. No wages, bitter communication cold, meat from “Sacred Cows” and fear of eavesdropping on behalf of established powers. Also: long months in dark cinemas, close encounters of the fourth kind with idealists disguised as “realists”, who… will be assimilated$.
Safe arrival not guaranteed.
If successful: honor and recognition of the good guys (f/m). From the start: the good feeling of doing the right thing.

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going (song)


Billy Ocean’s official music video.
Written by Wayne Brathwaite, Barry Eastmond, Robert John “Mutt” Lange and Billy Ocean. The song was used as theme song for the Michael Douglas film “The Jewel of the Nile”. 


Job description: You wil be enabled for the discovery of new definitions of war movies (“to-the-maggots” movies), anti war movies and – that is terra incognita – “peace movies”. And to search, find and reveal the interests behind messages, by “tsunamis” of footage, of showing weapons, violence and revenge. You also will explore the influence of these three, this lavish resort of violence, on viewers. Furthermore, you enter into consultation with the Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) about your discoveries and that what can, and should be done with it. Therefore you also connect with the Per Film Wijzer / project “Movies as a source of law.” As the ultimate icing on the cake you contribute to establishing lists of true peace movies and “missing links” or “not (yet) made, missed peace movies” with topics/suggestions to inspire movie makers. Is an innovative csr (corporate social responsibility) movie site that now is completed and professionalized behind the scenes.
For using the Internet an Apple Imac computer possibly is available.
$Courtesy of the movie series Star Trek

Number of jobs available: 7.

Working area / Activity: Arts & Culture (film), history, journalism, propaganda, influencing, rights, Beeld en Geluid (the building “Sound and Vision”) in Hilversum, the UN headquarters in New York, film archives, internet, editorial office Per Film Wijzer /

Working hours: To be agreed upon as good as it suits you.

Start: Every second counts… 

Working hours: From 2 hours per week.

** Sowing the seeds of peace **

What you’re made of / Attitudes: You understand very well that a problem is a solution in disguise, that everything starts with information and that we reap what we sow. For the solution of complex problems, you preferably focus on causes. You realize that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. You instinctively feel that so called “idealists” have excellent realistic ideas for today; that they do not walk in front, but that those who do not see that (yet) walk behind. And also that it is just the word ‘and’ that stands between dream and doing… Furthermore you find: “There is only one difference between that what is difficult and that what is ‘impossible’: the difficult can be done immediately, the impossible requires some more time” (Fridtjof Nansen, Norwegian explorer, scientist, statesman and Nobel laureate for Peace). You know: The Truth Is Out There, But So Are The Lies. And you also know, like no other, what good questions are for… 

FOTO The Truth is Out There_Waarheid Zoeken_Typeletters X Files_HORIZONTAAL GROOT_515466373_1280x720

But you see ’t only when you gót the message (Johan Cruyff).

Special conditions: You can see things differently, are very quirky, media wise and sophisticated, have empathy, focus and a Yes We Can! mentality. You also are a socially critical and innovative progressive thinker (New Roads); a curious free spirit who wants to evoke hard but necessary and interesting questions, who is not fond of rules, who can balance on the brink and who actually finds a boundary a wish – to go fúrther! ‘Cause there’s a crack in everything – that’s where the light gets in.
Furthermore you have a passion for peace, movies and content, ánd exploration. And a good command of Dutch and English, spoken and written.
You may well stoke a sacred fire, but do not smoke yourself.
You dare to wear your heart like a crown.

** QUESTER for .
You need to be able to understand, work it out, dare and do it… **

Orientation method and cooperation: Personal instruction: face-to-face, by phone and by email. Collaboration with a creative, visionary and innovatieve artist, lawyer, journalist and advertising maker, author of a business plan for a Foundation for Peace Advertising, and winner of Ideas Waiting To HappenAbout ten years before the Berlin Wall fell, he said that it would disappear within weeks if the people would overcome their fear and would like it (but he was not believed). When nobody was talking about it yet, he already suggested the idea of a trial against the installation of cruise missiles, with nuclear warheads on them, in the Netherlands. In addition, he received a thank-you message that the partner organization that he chose in the first hour, and which was going to conduct such a process, became indirect winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2017 by the leading organization of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN. Compare: “YES, WE CAN”). That, he thinks, creates obligations… 

Education: Communicative and/or journalistic and/or movie academic and/or historical and/or creative and/or artistic and/or appropriate in another way. Detective and/or researcher. University thinking and working level.

WORK RETURNS: A job to be able to do and be all of this is in itself a TOP reward! But for benefits and allowances also look here: JOBS FOR VOLUNTEERS .
For the right people: the possibility of ideological, creative and organizational partnership.
Then please check the same web page.

** The world can only be saved by looking back and, at the same time, striving forward **

PFW_EMBLEEM Per Film Wijzer_VeelkijkersNL_Mascha_16 juni 2015_BESTE groen

** Support all fighters. Teach them peace.
Resistance is futile. Because everyone is entitled to his Howard Carter# -moment of content! **
# Egyptologist and discoverer, after years and just before Lord Carnarvon wanted to stop the financing, of the tomb of the 19-year-old pharaoh Tutankhamen with over 2,000 dazzling treasures or more than 105 decorations for every year.

Was wir noch zu sagen hatten:
Apply? – We are looking for good understanders. Therefore answer, motivated, the following questions about the popular German to-the-maggots movie Der Untergang (2004):
1. Does this movie also ask the question who is/are more ignorant: the evil madman or those who follow him?

2. Shouldn’t we, especially from a country that tolerated Hitler as leader, after sixty years, have expected at least 60… peace movies?

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More for men (f/m): 
"Who shall say whether
what we hope exists? 
It is as with 
the roads on the earth.
First, there are no roads 
but they arise 
if many people 
walk in the same direction." 
(Lee Sjuun, Chinese philosopher)

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